Dispute Resolution

The dispute resolution practice of VERUS aims to deliver practical and comprehensive solutions. Quite uniquely, lawyers at VERUS do not merely act as instructing attorneys; our team handles every aspect of a dispute – from strategy to drafting, from court appearance to settlement – to the maximum extent possible, all in-house. We instruct outside counsel only in two instances viz. where the complexity of the matter warrants and in cases where the client instructs us to engage an outside counsel. This enables us to manage a dispute more effectively and deliver results that are consistent with the expectation of the client.

Our dispute resolution team offers clear and honest opinions, avoids rhetoric and discourages dragging a dispute to a court or arbitration unless there is a good case. We give merit to discussions with our clients, informing them of the progress of their matters promptly and take them into confidence with respect to the steps undertaken by us.

Our disputes practice primarily revolves around the following areas: