Legal Tech

Riverus is a platform for legal case research and analytics. We are in the business of digitisation of legal services. In May 2017, we started work on the platform. In mid-2018, we released a beta version for income tax. In August 2018, we released our premium product for income tax.

We use Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to process a large amount of judicial data, which helps legal professionals and customers find the most relevant information pertaining to their legal issue.

The Riverus Income Tax research tool is getting popular among tax lawyers, chartered accountants, and corporates as the research tool of choice because of the following abilities:

1. Provides critical information in shorter time and with greater precision.
2. Crawls judgments from various courts, processes and extracts information to a database, and serves content through an interface which is designed with the needs of the user in mind.
3. Presents “Processed data” – an innovative element borne out of a team of in-house lawyers training the machine to process and categorise information almost like how a senior counsel would.
4. Allows one to slice and dice the information in many ways and find the most relevant cases or precedents.